Expertise in the select fields of materials development combined with novel methods, processes and advanced tools to deliver maximum value for industry applications and innovation.

Materials for energy harvesting and storage
Materials for energy harvesting and storage
Materials for electronics and photonics
Materials for electronics and photonics
Nanomaterials and ceramics
Nanomaterials and ceramics
Theoretical modelling and design
Theoretical modelling and design
Thin films and coatings
Thin films and coatings

What We Do

Prototyping and small-scale production Prototyping and small-scale production
Prototyping and small scale production in our cleanrooms, industrial test beds based on our industry partners
Research and development of functional materials Research and development of functional materials
Development of materials and technologies based on 40 years of experience and more than 200 scientific staff
Single point of <br />contact Single point of contact
One contact team, using business language and taking an industrial project management approach. Clear pricing and easy access to infrastructure.
Theoretical material design and modelling Theoretical material design and modelling
Theoretical modelling of material properties prior to the experimental development to find optimal materials composition and best applications
Environment for <br />innovations Environment for innovations
Joint development of materials based on ideas into industrial applications, new products and technologies

Case Studies

The creation of different surface structures with sub-micron precision and a high-resolution direct-write laser and electron beam lithography method for various applications.
Composite nanomaterials synthesis
Oxyfluoride glass ceramics using silicate glass and various fluoride crystal counterparts which are superior for use in various optical applications.
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We have been working with Materize already for several years because they have the equipment we need for our testing. All measurements and tests are performed on a high level, and we are satisfied with the results of our cooperation. The speed of communication is especially important to me, so I am glad that there are very professional people working at Materize, who always respond within a day at the latest

Tom Slapjums, CEO & Co-Founder

Our cooperation with Materize has been very reliable, with fast response time and open communication. We appreciate when our partners provide efficient communication with as much information as possible. Materize thoroughly delivers on speed, resource availability, and access to laboratory and measurement equipment, as well as looks for ways to improve our cooperation in the future.

Jānis Zemītis, Head of Research and Development

We have been cooperating with Materize for several years and we are very satisfied with the speed, quality and personal approach. Materize is ideally suited to the needs of our company and offers a wide range of opportunities to study coatings at both the macro and nano levels, from structure and composition to mechanical, electrical and electrochemical properties.

Pāvels Nazarovs, Project Manager

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