Thin films and coatings

Thin films and coatings

Our R&D activities address Green Thin Film Nanotechnologies, which are based on vacuum technologies as PVD and pulsed laser deposition (PLD), as well as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and organic and inorganic spray-wet technologies. Development of infrastructure, technological processes and a search for new applications in the field are also of high economical priority for Latvia, which has one of the largest vacuum technology industries from amongst the Baltic countries.


Thin films and coating

Multifunctional cluster tool

Our custom-made multifunctional cluster tool can be used for developing thin films and coatings of both inorganic and organic materials. All processes take place in our cleanrooms, with an ISO classification of 7-8.

We work with the major thin- film technologies: magnetron sputtering, low-temperature evaporations, high-temperature evaporation and e-beam evaporation.

We can make sample manufacturing aimed at product prototyping to form market evaluation of out-of-box technologies.

Wet chemical coating

We also work with wet casting of materials which is irreplaceable to develop, for example, thin films used in OLEDs, organic photovoltaics or organic transistors.

For materials that can be harmeddamaged by oxygen, a wet chemical coating can be done applied in an inert atmosphere (Ar). For that reason, we use a spin coater placed in the glovebox.

Scaling possibilities

For your bigger visions, we can offer scaling your technologies to industrial scale with our partners Sidrabe – well known supplier of vacuum coating systems and processes and EuroLCDs – innovative LCD technology developer. We have strong collaboration also with smart glass developer – Groglass.

We can work together from early-stage material development, through the prototype stage and up-scaling, to industrial proof of newly-developed thin-film technology.


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