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Vacuum deposition of thin films

Vacuum deposition of thin films

Multi-functional cluster tool and expertise in vacuum deposition of thin films for inorganic and organic materials

Cluster tool

Our custom-made cluster tool can be used for research and development projects, feasibility studies and general academic work in the field of thin-film technologies. Sample manufacturing aimed at product prototyping form market evaluation of out-of-box technologies.


Each chamber can operate independently due to individual pumping, control and utility flanges. All chambers can operate simultaneously. Several different deposition processes are available.


  • Residual Gas Analysis / Mass Spectrometry
  • Plasma Emission monitoring & control
  • Glovebox
  • System monitoring

Magnetron sputtering

For metal, alloy, oxide, transparent conductive oxides, electrochromic, thermochromic, nitride, carbide, polymer, semi-conductor and P-I-N thin films.

Low temperature evaporation

For organic thin films and prototyping of OLEDs, organic photovoltaics and organic electronics.

High temperature evaporation

For metals and inorganic materials.

E-beam evaporation

For fast deposition and high thickness films.

e-beam evaporation


  • Various substrates (metal, glass, plastic, ceramic) with standard size 50x50x5mm
  • Ion pretreatment
  • Contact and contactless heating and cooling
  • Multi-layer stacks without venting
  • Uniform due to substrate rotation
  • Thickness measurement
  • Base pressure 10-7 mbar
  • Substrate storage in vacuum

Application examples

ISSP can fabricate experimental devices (e.g. organic light emitting diode). We work with original materials as well as commercially available materials.

OLED blue

Scientific achievements

  • We have carried out research on potential p-type transparent conductive oxide: x-ray amorphous system ZnO:x·IrO2 (x ≥ 1.3).
  • We have prepared Fe-Y-Ti thin film model systems by magnetron sputtering to understand the mechanism and dynamics of Y and Ti oxide nanoparticle formation in Fe and ODS steels.

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