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Research and development of functional materials

Research and development of functional materials

Development of materials and technologies including thin films and coatings, fibre optic-based components, semiconductors combined with advanced spectroscopy (from UV to IR and X-ray), microscopy (from optical to TEM), structures, dielectric & electric characterisation, electrochemical and other methods based on 40 years of experience and more than 200 scientific staff.

As the leading functional materials research centre in Latvia, we can provide internationally comparable research in materials science, innovative solutions for industrial applications, idea development cycle from idea to industrial proof of concept and even small-scale production in cooperation with our industrial partners in coatings and thin films, fibre optic-based components and products, LCD technologies, as well as high-reliability and radiation resistant microelectronics.

Research fields

However, our research interests include many other material science fields. The main research areas are:

  • Materials for electronics and photonics
  • Nanomaterials and ceramics
  • Thin films and coatings
  • Materials for energy harvesting & storage

We work with many material characterisation methods, including advanced spectroscopy, microscopy, structure, dielectric & electric characterisation, electrochemical and other methods.

Scientific capacity

Our scientific excellence is based on our scientific personnel, consisting of more than 200 scientific staff, of whom 90 have a PhD. Our scientists publish around 140 high level publications in year. On a national scale we have concentrated the scientific infrastructure in our field and have one of the largest scientific clean room facilities in the region (680 m2, ISO class 7-8).

Working with us, your business can benefit from our scientific knowledge, turning your ideas into innovative solutions.

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