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Single point of contact

Single point of contact

It is no secret that scientists and businessmen see the world and also projects in a different ways. We connect both worlds and allow them to collaborate in the most efficient way.

Acting as a single point, our team is competent in the material science field, but can also communicate in industry using the appropriate business language. We understand your needs and make our best effort to resolve your science-based technological challenges.

We can also help by finding different project financing possibilities and administrative support during the project.

Open-access laboratory

Our open-access laboratory means that all our scientific expertise and scientific infrastructure, including clean-room facilities, are accessible to industry through a clear scheduling process and with transparent pricing.

We work in a way that you have a single point of contact for your idea or need. We find a way to make the idea a reality by involving a specially formed team of scientists from relevant fields. If necessary, we can also involve our partners from other research organisations.

The progress of the science-based project sometimes faces challenges and unexpected problems. We offer fast, pro-active communication when problems are met, and reach the necessary decisions quickly.

Our manager will support you throughout the project – from conceiving your idea right through to the complex scientific solutions. We will always try to offer you the most suitable solution to turn your idea into a reality.

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